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Katie Black

We've lived in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada on a small ranch among very large ranches in Tulare County. For 40 years in this location we have observed wildlife on our place and in the immediate surroundings, and further up slope. On our small 40 acres we have seen mountain lions, bears, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, deer, possums, raccoons, skunks, tree and ground squirrels, and various mice, rats, and shrews. We also have a large population of frogs, toads, and tree frogs. Rattlesnakes (including one Mojave green, which must have come in on someone's hay) king snakes (both mountain and regular) gopher snakes, ring-necked snakes, California black headed snake, garter snakes and others. We have Bald Eagles and Golden eagles, and many hawks. Buzzards. Many species of waterfowl on our small pond, and other birds. The high point of bird observation was about 28 years ago when we had a condor at our pond in a group of buzzards - eating a dead bobcat. We had seen them in the air before. After debating we did call the sighting in to the Condor Recovery program. I've had the wildlife cam in for about a year, and have seen many of the above animals. My husband bought another one and we've located it on another part of our property, hoping to see more of the bigger animals.