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Project Status Date(s)

Castle Lake Wildlife Monitoring

Completed 2012-01-28 to 2013-03-09

Montana US 93 Dawn's Crossing Bridge

Completed 2015-06-27 to 2016-12-18

I-580 - Wildlife Watch Project

Completed 2013-07-27

US 101/Coyote Valley Wildlife Crossing Project

Completed 2015-02-13

Quail Ridge Grid Test

Completed 2015-01-24 to 2015-02-22

Gregorys Cameras

Completed 2011-07-01 to 2012-12-04

Dos Rios Restoration

Planned 2014-09-26

LEAF School Wildlife Monitoring

Planned 2013-08-27

New England Cottontail Monitoring Project

Planned 2015-12-11

South Dakota Wildlife Monitoring

Planned 2015-10-01

California State Route 65 Placer Co Bridges

Planned 2016-07-27

Impacto de las carreteras de alta velocidad sobre la fauna silvestre

Planned 2010-04-14

KANPEZU -- Proyecto de mejora de trazado y ampliación de plataforma

Planned 2010-04-14

Country Circle

Planned 2012-04-01

Wetland Sanctuary

Planned 2013-09-28

Montana Wildlife Tracking

Planned 2015-12-01


In Progress 2015-10-01

The Nature Conservancy North Carolina Cam Trap Program

In Progress 2016-06-16

Pathways: Wildlife Corridors of NM

In Progress 2017-02-05

I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East - forest carnivore

In Progress 2017-02-08

Gwaii Haanas Biosecurity Monitoring

In Progress 2010-06-01

Red Deer North Highway Connector Wildlife Underpass

In Progress 2016-11-01

Virginia I-64 Underpass/Fencing Project

In Progress 2017-03-10

PAC Dog monitoring

In Progress 2017-04-11

SSU Galbreath Wildlands Preserve Trail Camera Survey

In Progress 2017-04-23

Colusa & Lake Counties Tule Elk Project

In Progress 2017-06-29

SR 50 Connectivity

In Progress 2015-03-09

Interstate 80 Wildlife Crossing

In Progress 2011-07-01

Interstate 280 Wildlife Connectivity Research Project

In Progress 2011-08-29 to 2017-04-01

Sierra Streams Institute - Ringtail Surveys

In Progress 2017-03-01

Black's Wildlife Cameras

In Progress 2012-01-28

Interstate 5 Wildlife Crossing

In Progress 2013-04-19

Beartracker Wildlife Tracking Project

In Progress 2013-09-20

US 89 Kanab Paunsaugunt Project

In Progress 2013-09-24

Maine Audubon Road Crossing Structure Monitoring

In Progress 2014-11-21

Cache Creek Conservancy Nature Preserve

In Progress 2015-07-10

I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East

In Progress 2015-11-05

Sea Level Rise: Bay Area Wildlife Watch

In Progress 2015-01-01

Sea Level Rise: Georgia Wildlife Watch

In Progress 2016-09-09

Utah US 91 Wellsville Mountains Wildlife Crossing Structures

In Progress 2015-09-18

Camera Trapping - Sheephorn

In Progress 2016-11-15