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Utah US 91 Wellsville Mountains Wildlife Crossing Structures

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Through an array of camera traps, we seek to document species present both at a wildlife crossing structure, and present along a transect that moves away from the highway. The goal is to determine the different species and numbers present at the road edge at the structure, and at hundreds of meters away from US 91 in the Wellsville Mountains, in northern Utah.
Project Date: 
Friday, September 18, 2015
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Mule deer and moose were documented since 2008 to heavily use a corrugated steel culvert at mile post (MP) 14 along US 91 in the Wellsville Mountains of northern Utah. The goal of this project was to learn of other species of animals that were within a half mile of the road but were not approaching the crossing struture. The hypothesis was that the species list for both at the structure and away from the structure at various distances would be identicial. The goal of the projet is to learn of what species and genders of animals may be entirely avoiding the road area and thus not appearing at cameras at the wildlife crossing structure. 

Observation Summary

This is a summary of animal observation across all locations and positions.

Animal Image Count Animal Count
1 Moose 35 35
2 Mule (or Black tailed) Deer 272 272