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Maine Audubon Road Crossing Structure Monitoring

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Friday, November 21, 2014
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Wildlife need to cross roads safely to find food, water, breed and disperse to new areas. With changing habitats due to a changing climate, successful wildlife movement is even more important to species survival and adaptations to the changes.
In 2014, Maine Audubon and partners from the Maine Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Maine Department of Transportation, and the Nature Conservancy piloted a survey of road crossing structures to assess whether they could be retrofitted for terrestrial wildlife movement. The project tested the use of the Passage Assessment System, or PAS, developed for the Washington State Department of Transportation.
This camera monitoring project's goal is to determine if wildlife are using different road crossing structures to move safely across roads (even without fencing to direct them to the structures). And if so, what species are using which types of road crossing structures, such as plastic culverts, concrete boxes, and bridges.
Go to and look under Wildlife Pathways to view a report with results of the camera study.

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