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Montana US 93 Dawn's Crossing Bridge

One Spartan go-cam cell phone communicating camera was placed to monitor large animals. Six Bushnell camera were placed in various places to capture other animal movements. One camera was placed up in the supports of the bridge where there was evidence of bat activity. One camera was placed on the underside of the bridge to monitor small mammal movement on the berm under the bridge. The remaining four cameras were placed at ground level on two of the corners of the bridge entrances. One was placed at ground level to capture small and medium animals.

I-580 - Wildlife Watch Project

The project's primary goal is to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness about movement of wildlife populations through the Easy Bay hills. Our goal is to promote better co-existence and less conflict between humans and wildlife in the region, and ultimately to help foster a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.
These camera stations are placed under Hwy 580 to monitor wildlife movement across this major roadway.