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Tagging Images from Bulk Upload Process

Help Section: 
Bulk Upload and Tagging

To add attributes to individual images (e.g., species, activity), go to the “Tagging Area” by clicking on the tab labeled  “Tagging Area" while you are in the Project view page. You can select individual images and tag them by clicking on “edit” next to the image. You can also bulk tag photos that have identical species, number of individuals, gender, and animal activity. This happens surprisingly often, for example, one female mule deer walking west.

To bulk tag, first select groups of images by clicking on the box next to each image in a group. Then, under “Operations” at the top of the image list, select “Modify observation attributes” and click “Execute”. This will take you to a new view where you can select categories of attributes that you want to add to the images, such as number of individuals, gender, species, and activity. Selecting these attributes will make them show up in the menus below. Make sure to select the "Tagged" item in the list so you can indicate that an image was tagged.

Within each attribute area, you can select or type in attributes corresponding to the images.  When you are done, don’t forget to click “save”. You will then be taken to a  confirmation page, just click “confirm”. After that is done, you can go back to tagging other images. The real time saving comes in here, you can attribute many images at the same time with a single operation.