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Setting up Projects

Help Section: 

Setting up a project is very straightforward, and you can start this process by cicking on “Add New Project” once you are logged into your account. Then, it is simply a matter of filling out the available fields in the input form.  Some fields are required, such as the project name and deployment dates. These required fields are indicated with an asterisk. Other fields are optional, but advised because they help you and others to understand the project. One important feature is the branding, which is where you post an organizational stamp on the project, making it yours.

Cam-WON has concepts for both monitoring location and camera position, where a position is directly associated with a single camera placement, and a location is a collection of camera positions (so you can track multiple cameras located in one place).  This organizational structure helps manage cameras and tracking animal events, such as whether or not an animal uses a crossing structure.

The easiest way to understand this is to think about a wildlife crossing structure as a type of monitoring location, and assume you have four camera positions, two on each end of the crossing structure.  Each camera is associated with one (and only one) position, but the location includes all 4 positions, hence all 4 cameras.  This facilitates the tracking of animals as they cross the structure, since an animal might be repelled and recorded by one camera, or only captured on one of the two cameras at one end.  To ensure the animal actually used the crossing structure, ideally the animal would be captured on cameras on both ends.

In the future, Cam-WON will provide a mechanism to track “events”, which is whether or not and how animals interacted with a structure, and for this you need to know if both cameras at a location were triggered.