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Setting up Monitoring Locations

Help Section: 

Once you have created a project and are on the project web-page, you can add the monitoring locations and camera positions. To setup an actual location, you need click the “Add New Location” button which appears in the upper right corner of the project page. Type in a name for the monitoring location, the “Associated Project” will already be selected because you started on the project page. Select a “Location Type” from the drop down menu.  Type in the date you initiated this location, or use the calendar. Zoom into the right place on the map, labeled “Geographic centroid”, and click once to set a point at your monitoring location. Alternatively, you can type in coordinates in the Latitude and Longitude boxes under “Geography.” Set or leave zoom level at 16, unless you want to set a lower zoom level, which can restrict how exactly a user not associated with your project can zoom in on your location. Next, enter “Location details”, which are exactly what they sound like. You can upload “Location images” which are pictures in and around your monitoring locations. These help your staff locate cameras you may have placed and for others to see what the place looks like. You can also enter “Road Specific Information”, which is useful for road and highway studies. You can also “Crossing Structure Details” including dimensions, materials, and visibility attributes. After you have done all of this, make sure to click “Save”.