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Bulk Upload of Images

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Bulk Upload and Tagging

Adding an observation/image one by one can be time consuming. The bulk upload mechanism of Cam-WON reduces this time by collecting some of the required data for an observation (such as date/time of photograph and camera position) saving you from having to manually enter these additional fields. You still need to annotate the images once they are uploaded, by identifying the animal species and other fields, but we have found using this bulk upload method to be a considerable time saving.

The “bulk upload method” allows you to add hundreds of images to the system at once. You start this process by first preparing folders or directories containing only pictures of animals from a single camera position. For example, if you retrieved an SD card from a camera after a few months of image capture, you would sort out the images containing animals, place them in one sub-directory ("folder"), then zip this folder, creating a zip file.

On the position page corresponding to that camera, click "Initiate Bulk Upload" on the right-hand-side of the position view,  which will open a web form. For this form, all you need to do is browse to and attach a .zip file, and click upload. After the file has uploaded, click save. You'll then need to wait while the server puts your bulk upload into a queue and creates observation records from each image.  This can take up to 1/2 hour for very large zip file uploads.

To know when the upload process is finished, go to the "My Data" section and click on the "bulk uploads" tab to determine the status.  Newest bulk uploads should be first in the list. Once the bulk upload and record creation process is complete, go to the project's tagging area to tag your photos with the appropriate animal and other important data.