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Getting Started

Welcome to Cam-WON! This application organizes wildlife camera projects by providing an interface to map locations of wildlife cameras, document camera deployment times, manage digital camera resources, upload wildlife photos, and manage observational data.


The structure of projects is hierarchical with projects being the root container of all content. The diagram to the right outlines these relationships.

To get started with a project, follow the steps listed below:

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is create a project which contains the locations and camera positions for a wildlife camera monitoring project. Project can be small in scope (i.e. contain only one wildlife camera and active camera position) or large in scope (i.e. having multiple locations with multiple camera's at each location).
  2. Create a location where your wildlife camera(s) will be setup.
  3. Create a camera position, the exact location of your wildlife camera and its orientation.
  4. Create a deployment time record to track when the camera is situated a position for a period of time. This record will help track total effort.
  5. Upload photos, associating them with a position and a deployment time.

Setup Project

When you first create an account on the website, you'll want to create a project which will be the container for organizing your project locations and wildlife camera positions. Use the links below to open a form where you'll need to enter information into the available fields. Once you click Save, the content will be created although you'll be able to edit the values if you want to make a change in the future -- If you don't have appropriate content to enter into a field, you can either add that content later or if the field is required, add a "dummy" or temporary value which you can change later.

When you setup your wildlife camera in the field, you need a means of documenting certain details, such the date and time the cameras were active in the field, and any issues you might have with power, theft, or other unforeseen occurrences. Do this by first adding one or more camera's to your inventory and then creating deployment records for when they are in the field.

We make a distinction between deployment time and sampling time in that the camera might not be active the whole time it is in the field. If the batteries die, for example, the sampling time will be shorter than the deployment time, and you should only receive photos during the camera's sampling time, even though it was deployed for a longer period.

Adding Data

Once you've setup a project with a project record, at least one location, and at least one camera position, you are ready to upload photos for the project.

Clicking on the link below will open up an input form where you can choose the photo to upload, enter the animal in the photo, and add additional observational information. Click on the Save button located at the bottom of the page.

Maintaining Projects and Data

After you have setup a project and added some photo observations, you'll need a few links to maintain your project records. The links below will present lists of your projects, locations, positions, and other content you have added with links to easily edit and update the records.