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Welcome to Cam-WON!

This website provides an infrastructure for wildlife camera operators to manage their projects. Track where your cameras are in the field, upload wildlife photos and assign them to a geographic location, and assemble the data portrayed in the photos into one spot, making it easy to download for further analysis. Take a look around this website, as you should find all that you need, but don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

The Wildlife Observer Network (WON) provides a service to operators of wildlife cameras to manage their camera network in a web-based environment enabling sharing of photos (observations) and data from their projects. The site allows for the uploading of individual wildlife photos or as a multi-photo upload if your data is being recorded in a spreadsheet or database. Please note that ALL photographs posted on this website are copyright protected by the photograph owner. Please ask before copying a photograph/image, thanks.

The first thing to do is contact us explaining why you need an account, and provide a few details about your project. Once the site administrator creates your account, you'll be ready to add projects, cameras, positions, and observations (photographs). Please follow the instructions outlined on our Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The Wildlife Observer Network (WON)

The Wildlife Observer Network (WON) is a series of wildlife observation websites sharing similar goals and objectives in terms collecting data that can be used in scientific research, sharing data to promote "good" science, engaging public, educating the community, and building a network of participants that can contribute toward policy making that is beneficial for all walks of life.

Other WON sites include: