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Welcome to Cam-WON!

This website provides an infrastructure for wildlife camera operators to manage their projects. Track where your cameras are in the field, upload wildlife photos and assign them to a geographic location, and assemble the data portrayed in the photos into one spot, making it easy to download for further analysis. Take a look around this website, as you should find all that you need, but don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

News and Announcements

International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, 2023

The next ICOET will be especially exciting because it will include an in-person meeting in Burlington, VT. The conference will be held in June, 2023 and will be a hybrid event, allowing participation virtually and in-person. So, get your ideas together and whether you attend in-person or through your computer, plan for an exciting multi-media event: 

International Conference on Ecology & Transportation - 2019

Join hundreds of other ecologists, transportation planners, engineers, wildlife biologists, etc. at the tenth biennial International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET) 2019. The conference will be held at he Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, betweem September 22 and 26, 2019. Go here for more information: